Workshop Recap: You got an iPad. Now what? Teaching with iPads

The_iOS_family_pile_(2012)Last Friday we met to discuss and show ways to use an iPad in the classroom.  We focused on apps that help display content, integrate media, and create interactive learning activities.  Here is a summary of the uses we discussed and the recommended apps we showed. 

  1. Projecting with your iPad
    1. Adapters: piece of hardware that connect your iPad to the projector. Media Services has these to borrow for class.
    2. For untethered projection: Air Server (software you install on your laptop) allows you to project from your iOS device to the laptop to the projector.
  2. Apps for Displaying Materials 
    1. Board Cam (free): use your iPad as a document camera
    2. SlideShark (free): display your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations
    3. Google Drive (free): display anything you have stored in Google Drive
    4. Evernote (free): display notebooks and/or media that you have stored in Evernote. We are having a workshop on Evernote in the PC Classroom on Thursday, February 27 from 3-4pm.
  3. Apps for Classroom Management
    1. Moodle (free): add a shortcut that looks like a separate app for quick access in class
    2. Roll Call ($1.99): assists with attendance and learning names
  4. Apps for in-class Assessment
    1. Socrative (Teacher and Student – both free): Create quizzes or ask multiple choice, T/F and short answer questions on the fly. Students can answer using any internet connected device, including computers, and can share devices if necessary
  5. Apps that let you use your iPad as a Whiteboard
    1. Educreations: Simple and easy to use, allows for multiple boards, recording and sharing
    2. Screenchomp: Similar to educreations but nicer interface
    3. Doceri: Allows for all of the features above, plus ability to record whiteboard as an image or pdf document
  6. Apps for Brainstorming and Mindmapping 
    1. Lots out there, these are free but may have limits on the number of maps you can create with one account: 
      1. Inspiration 
      2. Popplet 
      3. Mindomo 
      4. Pearltrees 
      5. Mindmeister
We look forward to seeing you at our next workshop, “The Flipped Classroom: Recording Your Lectures” on Thursday, February 20th from 1-2pm.  We will have cupcakes!

Image credit: By Blake Patterson (Flickr: the iOS family pile (2012)) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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