Flipped Classroom: Recording Your Lectures Workshop

Inline image 1We had a great turnout for our workshop, Flipped Classroom: Recording Your Lectures.
We started by introducing the idea of a flipped classroom, which in its simplest terms is providing prerecorded lectures to your students outside of class time and using class time for hands-on assignments, discussion, and other activities. Focusing on the positive aspects of this method, we brainstormed potential benefits (see image to the left).
We suggested several different ways to record a lecture, and the software you end up selecting will be determined by what you want to record – yourself, a PowerPoint, screen capture, a whiteboard, or some combination.  The tools we demonstrated or mentioned – Camtasia, Jing, Photobooth (Mac), Educreations, and Kaltura/Moodle – all have benefits and drawbacks.  Of course, there are many more options and if one of these does not suit your needs contact your Instructional Technology liaison to help find one that does or to learn more about any of the tools mentioned!



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