Going Paperless II: Student Assignments

4527144772_822cda1fc9_bOne way to go paperless in your courses is to have students submit papers electronically, rather than in hard copy. Moodle’s Assignment activity facilitates the collection of student papers by providing a space for students to upload their work, and for professors to return graded work to students. Not only are students saved the time and expense of printing, instructors never need to worry about misplaced student papers or grades, as they are all stored online in Moodle. The Assignment activity allows faculty to download student papers, either one-by-one or as a set, and then upload marked-up versions of the paper as feedback for the students. Faculty can mark up papers by using the ‘track changes’ feature in Word, or any of a number of PDF annotation tools (look out for our next post in this series on PDF annotation tools). Other feedback, in the form of comments and grades, can also be provided to students, and any grades are delivered directly to the Moodle gradebook.

Need some help getting started? Contact your Instructional Technology liaison.

Image credit: RLHyde, Flickr, CC:BY-SA


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