Lecture Capture to Stay on Track

Today’s Technology Fellows guest post is written by Joe Schroeder, Associate Professor of Neuroscience. Inspired by one of our recent Teaching with Technology workshops, his post focuses on using easy lecture capture technologies to keep up on course content when the unexpected happens.

schroeder“I have been thinking more and more about flipped classrooms since Steve Loomis’s demonstration a couple of weeks ago.  In my experience with my own kids’ teachers and my participation in several Learning and the Brain conferences which focuses primarily on elementary and secondary education, I think educators at this level are ahead of college educators when it comes to the use of flipped classrooms and alternative educational approaches in general.  We could learn a lot from them.

Before break, I was giving a lecture in my Sensation and Perception course and got carried away with a demonstration.  We did not finish about 20 minutes of material that was for the exam I was giving on the Friday before break (I know, how mean).  I used Jing to record the remainder of my lecture and asked the students to watch the videos so that they would be prepared.  The feedback I have receive from the students has been positive.  Most said the best aspect of the recorded lecture was their ability to pause the video, review the corresponding text material to reinforce the concepts.  I graded their exams over break, they did considerably better on the questions related to the video lecture material compared to the regular lecture material.  I’m looking forward to expanding my experience with this technology.”



One thought on “Lecture Capture to Stay on Track

  1. christopher brancart September 19, 2015 / 12:21 pm

    I’m a CC alum who follows this interesting effort. Although I’m not a teacher, I think these idea and tools are universal useful and have many applications in many disciplines. But I don’t see the classes, meetings, lecture, workshop videoed and post on line. To reach beyond New London, please do that and email me status. cbrancart@brancart.com. Thx.

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