Expand Your Classroom Using Teleconference Technologies

cassinispace1_2Teleconference technologies offer great potential to the small liberal arts classroom. Invite experts into your classroom, expose students to a classroom in a different culture or language, or broaden your departmental course offerings. During our next workshop, Expand Your Classroom through Inter-Campus Collaborations, we will hear from faculty who have used teleconference technologies, including Andrea Lanoux, Joe Schroeder, and Hisae Kobayashi. We will also use our videoconference technology to include colleagues at Trinity College. Come learn how to use the technology, consider potential uses in your own teaching, and learn from colleagues who have implemented it. See you there!

Expand Your Classroom through Inter-Campus Collaborations
Thursday, October 2
3:00-4:00 p.m.
Olin 107

Registration not required but recommended. Fill out the registration form or email Jessica McCullough.

Globo terrestre / delineato sulle ultime osservazioni con i viaggi e nuove scoperte del Cap. Cook, inglese ; Gio. Ma. Cassini C.R.S. inc. Roma : Presso la Calcograf[i]a cam[era]le, 1790. Accessible via David Rumsey Map Collection.


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