The Printer Ate My Homework: Turning Assignments in Online

-No_excuses^_Watch_your_waste.-_-_NARA_-_515081.tifAre students claiming printer problems as an excuse for late assignments? Collecting papers and other written assignments online through Moodle can be an efficient and effective way of avoiding that problem. Not only do students avoid printing, and the associated financial and environmental costs, but collecting assignments online can provide benefits and efficiencies for the faculty member as well.

The Assignment Activity in Moodle works as an electronic dropbox for virtually any type of assignment. Students can submit Microsoft Word documents or PDF files for written assignments, but other file types can be collected also, including PowerPoint presentations, Video, or Audio files.

As a faculty member, you can download the assignments submitted by students and print them yourself to grade the old-fashioned way (if you must!), or read the papers online and provide grades and comments to students through Moodle. By collecting the papers through Moodle, you no longer have to physically carry them with you to grade, or worry about misplacing them. And you’ll have a record of who turned in assignments and when. You will also be able to collect and return assignments on whatever schedule you like, without regard to class meeting times.

For more detailed information, see our detailed instructions or contact your Instructional Technology liaison.

Image credit: “No excuses! Watch your waste.” Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. Bureau of Special Services. (03/09/1943 – 09/15/1945)


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