Happy Open Access Week!

OAlogo (1)Happy Seventh Open Access Week! This week is a global celebration of the open access movement in scholarly research. Throughout this week I will use this blog to share information about open access. But first, why should you care about open access?

  • The price of access to scholarly research, the same research that you produce, is rising at a much higher rate than library budgets (over the past 30 years, 250% above the rate of inflation, according to the Association of Research Libraries). Simply, this means that fewer and fewer people have access to (your) quality research.
  • Publishing in open access publications, or negotiating your rights with a publisher to allow for broader dissemination of your research, increases exposure and use of your published research. Everyone wins!
  • Wide dissemination of research allows and encourages others to build upon existing knowledge to create new knowledge, regardless of the college/university they attend or funds they have to purchase research.

Stay tuned for the next installment…. What is Open Access.



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