Don’t Miss This!

Thank you for keeping up with the daily posts last week celebrating Open Access Week!  We had a great time writing the posts and finding fun and informative materials to share. There is still much to explore on this topic… but we will take a break and focus on our upcoming workshop.

On Wednesday, Ann Marie Davis, Anthony Graesch and Joe Schroeder will be presenting their work in the Technology Fellows Program. We will meet for a continental breakfast in the Hood Dining Room starting at 9:30. If you are able to attend, even for a short time, please you join us. They are all integrating technology into their pedagogy in exciting and very different ways:

  • Joe Schroeder (Psychology) will be discussing the successes and pitfalls of having students use video animation to demonstrate an understanding of the sequences and timing of neurophysiological phenomena.
  • Ann Marie Davis (History) will share her goals and strategies for having students engage materials unique to Special Collections and later present their research to a broader audience.
  • Anthony Graesch (Anthropology) will discuss how he positions first- and second-year students as primary data collectors while using readily available tools to sharpen their digital literacies and analytic competencies.
Here are the details:
Technology Fellows Curricular Innovations
Wednesday, October 29
9:30-11:00 a.m.
Hood Dining Room

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