Great Courses for Completing Assignments

lynda_logo1k-d_72x72Do your students need a little extra technical know-how to better complete their assignments? Empower your students to find the answers to technical questions themselves. If you are assigning a video project, presentation, or other assignment that requires use of specialized software, may have the answers and tips they need to effectively use that software or program. Here are a few courses that they might find useful:

  • SPSS Statistics Essential Training (link)
  • iMovie 10 Essential Training (link)
  • Excel 2010 Essential Training (link for PC) or Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training (link for Mac)
  • PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training (link)
  • Up and Running with Prezi (link)
  • Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking (link)

There is much more in! To access, log in to CamelWeb. On the Home tab, under the event calendar, you will see the link to in the My Links area. Alternatively, access through this link:


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