Technology Fellows Deadline Approaching – Don’t Miss it!

The Tech Fellows program has created a space for engaging in stimulating conversations, risking new ideas, and thinking differently about my pedagogical goals.  I’m grateful for the extra time and support for researching instructional technologies, absorbing and dialoguing with others about these possibilities, and implementing new ideas.  – Karen Gonzalez Rice, 2014-15 Technology Fellow


Our regular meetings and conversations have led me to take bigger risks in the classroom, which have allowed me to grow and make unexpected discoveries as an educator. Just yesterday, I was really surprised to get very positive feedback from my students on the recent digital exhibition that we have been working on. To my surprise, many of the students commented more on how the project has taught them to be better researchers, better at compiling bibliographies and citing sources, and generally proud to have contributed to a meaningful project – than on how to use technologies such as Photoshop and the online content management platform Omeka. – Ann Marie Davis, 2014-15 Technology Fellow

Thinking of becoming a Technology Fellow? The deadline for proposals is December 20, 2014!

The Connecticut College Technology Fellows Program is a 1.5-year program – spring 2015, fall 2015, spring 2016 – that explores novel and innovative applications of digital technology to curricula for the purpose of enhancing pedagogy and improving the classroom experience. Participation is open to faculty across all academic divisions of the College and will require substantial time investments in regular workshops on reflexive pedagogy, researching new technologies, curricular renovations, developing methods of pedagogical assessment, and disseminating results to the campus community.

The Technology Fellows Program (TFP) provides the opportunity to explore pedagogical possibilities, expand on ideas you’ve always wanted to try, and address challenging moments in the classroom in innovating  ways.  Faculty wishing to participate in the TFP are asked to craft proposals describing how they envision integrating digital technology into their curriculum (one or more courses) to be instructed in fall 2015.  Recognizing that future workshops will be the source of discussion and ideas that influence fellows’ pedagogical stance(s), proposals should discuss as specifically as possible how digital technology will be used to enhance extant curricula and classroom experiences. All proposals should address foreseeable learning outcomes and, if possible, how technology-aided curricular innovations will positively affect the first-year experience.

Click here to find the full CFP (only available to Connecticut College Faculty).


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