Fall 2015: What’s New with Moodle? (Part 1)

As usual, Information Services has used the Summer break to make upgrades to Moodle. The upgrade to version 2.8 brings several new features that can be of use in your courses. The biggest changes that you’ll notice are in the gradebook. Moodle has a new default aggregation method called “Natural”. Natural aggregation is a replacement for the previously existing, but now discontinued, “Sum of Grades” aggregation method, and has additional features that can be enabled to allow for weighting and extra credit. For a more complete description of the Natural Aggregation method, see the documentation available on Moodle.org.

Another handy feature of the gradebook debuting this Fall is the new Single View. By clicking on the one of the Single View buttons in the gradebook, you can view one one screen (and edit!) all the grades for one single student or all the grades for one single grade item.



If you’ve used the gradebook for your course in the past, in most cases, the gradebook setup will transfer when you backup and restore your course for this semester, but as always, if you need help, contact your Instructional Technology Liaison.

Keep an eye out for announcements of more new Moodle features and changes!


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