Fall 2015: What’s New with Moodle? (Part 2)

When you log into Moodle to set up your Fall courses, if you look closely, you’ll notice a new text editor appearing. This new text editor is called Atto, and replaces the previous text editor, TinyMCE. If you find that Atto isn’t working well for you, you can always change your preferred editor back to TinyMCE in your Moodle user profile.

The Atto text editor has a pared-down toolbar with fewer of the lesser-used buttons, but now includes two new buttons to enhance your ability to provide content that is fully accessible. One button, the Accessibility Checker, will check the content of your text box to make sure that it is accessible – by checking for text colors that are not easy to read, or for missing description tags for images. The screenreader helper button will provide a list of links and images included in your textbox, making it easier to determine whether you’ve provided adequate descriptive text for those using screen readers.

Accessibility options

As, always, if you’re handy with HTML, you can use the HTML button to get behind the scenes and edit the code. And if you need any specific help, contact your Instructional Technology Liaison.


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