My Lynda Playlist

New courses in
New courses are added daily to I subscribed to the email list to keep updated on the latest and greatest (if you’re interested, you can subscribe, too!). I now have a running list of courses that interest me saved in a playlist. Once the semester winds down, I plan on visiting my playlist to learn a few new things… that and make a dent in my physical and virtual piles of professional reading!

Here are a few of the courses in my playlist.

  • iBooks Author Essential Training: I think iBooks Author has great potential for instructors wishing to create their own interactive, multimedia textbooks or coursepacks. It might also be interesting to have students create books, or book chapters. iBooks Author is installed in the Neff Lab, so I’ll get some hands-on practice while I watch the videos.
  • iOS 9: iPhone and iPad Essentials: I know I can use my phone and tablet more effectively. I’d like to browse this course to learn some tips and tricks that might help me work better.
  • InDesign CC Essential Training: I’ve taken many workshops to learn Adobe products like Photoshop and it never sticks. Part of the problem was that I never had a real world project that I could use to apply my learning. I would like to start creating our workshop flyer in InDesign (thank you, Ginny Anderson for the inspiration!), so that problem is solved. I also now have access to InDesign on my work laptop thanks to our new Adobe software license.

What’s in your list? The Neuroscience of Learning? The Practicing Photographer? Script Writing for Nonfiction Video? Time Management Fundamentals?  Share in the comments!




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