Today! “It’s 5 PM Somewhere” Information Session

10481834303_afac4398efRecently a call for participation circulated for the Technology Fellows Program (TFP).  The TFP is a rewarding opportunity to reflect on teaching and learning in a community of learners that includes faculty and staff across the College.  Fostering deep partnerships between faculty and instructional technologists, the program explores how faculty can use novel and innovative digital technologies in their courses to enhance student learning and improve the classroom experience.
Recognizing that this is a difficult time of the semester to plan for much of anything that’s happening next semester, we’ve organized a casual afternoon event at which you can ask questions and learn a little more about the program firsthand.
Please drop in and join us at Humphrey’s Bar (in Cro) on Thursday, December 17, from 2:00-4:00 PM for our It’s 5 PM Somewhereinfo session.  Enjoy some lovely wines and savory edibles while chatting with previous and current faculty fellows as well as the team of instructional technologists.

Image credit: flickr photo by Johan Larsson shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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