Web Conferencing Kits now available!


Wishing you could bring an expert into your class? Our Web Conferencing Kits make connecting with guest speakers, colleagues, students – anyone – easier than ever. The kits, available to faculty from the Digital Scholarship and Curriculum Center (DSCC), support web conferencing through Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and FaceTime.

Each kit contains:

  • one 1080P webcam offering 90 degree field-of-view with a tripod and speakerphone
  • a 10ft Ethernet cable
  • one USB-to-Ethernet adapter (for MacBook Air users)
  • one Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter (for Mac laptop users who need to connect to a VGA projector)
  • two 10ft USB extension cables
  • one powered USB hub (for additional USB ports for the webcam, speakerphone, and any other devices).

If you plan to use web conferencing during a class – or for a series of classes – contact Mike Dreimiller for training and to reserve a kit. For web conferencing at an event, contact Media Services.


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