Join the Technology Fellows Program! Proposals Due October 30

As we near the proposal deadline for 2017-2018 fellowships, we are taking stock of the remarkable accomplishments of the Technology Fellows Program over the last three years. To date, the program has supported 14 Connecticut College faculty who sought to leverage digital technologies to deeper, more impactful teaching and learning. The outcomes have been remarkable for their many lessons and successes. These include applications of Twitter to Japanese language learning, using digital publishing tools to enrich the learning objectives of a theater project, using scanning tools to interact with special collections archives for history assignments, and leveraging web conferencing to more meaningful language and culture instruction. Our participants have also been instrumental in efforts to realize better productivity in the modern digital world by offering strategies for managing a deluge of email, efficiently reproducing and sharing course syllabi, and scheduling office hours and learning student names.

The strengths of the Technology Fellows Program lie in its unique organizational framework and supporting resources, all of which are intended to help cultivate pedagogically centered approaches to researching and experimenting with digital technologies. The program offers a combination of small-group discussions and hands-on workshops focused on scaffolding curricula, beta-testing assignments, and providing constructive feedback on your efforts to innovate pedagogy. Moreover, we offer the talents and expertise of a dedicated Information Services staff, the accumulated wisdom of faculty directors and past fellows, and (importantly) the time needed to experiment and innovate.

Proposals for 2017-2018 fellowships are due Sunday, October 30, 2016. Should you be interested in participating, we encourage you to reach out to current and past fellows for their perspective on the program’s affordances and successes.

2014-2015 Fellows
Ann Marie Davis (History)
Suzuko Knott (German Studies)
Karen Gonzalez Rice (Art History & Architectural Studies)
Anthony P. Graesch (Anthropology)
Joe Schroeder (Behavioral Neuroscience)

2015-2016 Fellows
Ginny Anderson (Theater)
Hisae Kobayashi (East Asian Languages & Cultures)
Leo Garofalo (History)
Luis Gonzalez (Hispanic Studies)
Emily Morash (Art History & Architectural Studies)

2016-2017 Fellows
Rachel Black (Anthropology)
Candace Howes (Economics)
Karolin Machtans (German Studies)
Wendy Moy (Music)  


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