Announcing Call for Proposals: Technology Fellows Program

Wish you had more time to explore ways to integrate technology into your classes?  Here is your opportunity!  If you didn’t see the call for proposals, you can read it here.  A full description of the program was emailed with the call, but you can also contact us if you need it.

“Beginning in spring 2014 semester, the Connecticut College Technology Fellows Program is a 1.5-year pilot program that will explore novel and innovative applications of digital technology to curricula for the purpose of enhancing pedagogy and improving the classroom experience. Participation is open to faculty across all academic divisions of the College and will require substantial time investments in regular workshops on reflexive pedagogy, researching new technologies, curricular renovations, developing methods of pedagogical assessment, and disseminating results to the campus community.

Faculty wishing to participate in this exciting new program are asked to craft proposals describing how they envision integrating digital technology into an existing course to be instructed in spring 2015. Recognizing that future workshops will be the source of discussion and ideas that influence fellows’ pedagogical stance(s), proposals should discuss as specifically as possible how digital technology will be used to enhance extant curricula and classroom experiences. All proposals should address foreseeable learning outcomes and, if possible, how technology-aided curricular innovations will positively affect the first-year experience.

Proposals no longer than 800 words should be submitted to the Dean of Faculty by January 10, 2014. All proposals will be reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Faculty, the Vice President of Information Services, and faculty and staff who constitute the Technology in Instruction Working Group.  Fellows will be announced by February 1, 2013.”

Questions can be directed to your department’s Instructional Technology Liaison.


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